SSI Lifeguard

SSI Liveguard

Face the challenge, if you feel comfortable in the water and want to learn skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork, then join the team, become SSI lifeguard and make a difference! Lifeguard’s have two main tasks; Avoid accidents and save lives. For some, working as a lifeguard is fun in their free time or can be used as a part-time job.

Choose your modules

SSI Water Safety Attendent

The Water Safety Attandant is part of the water safety in the SSI Lifeguard program, which supports the Lifeguard in its tasks and is an important part of water safety in the various areas of application.

Our Price : 79,- Euro

SSI Pool Lifeguard

The SSI Pool Lifeguard Program provides you with the knowledge and skills to take care of people in swimming pools to oversee, to help and to save.

Our Price : 119,- Euro

SSI Inland Open Water Lifeguard

The SSI Inland Open Water Lifeguard Program provides students with the knowledge and training to monitor, to support and save those affected in waters with no tides and no surf (such as calm waters, a lake or a river)

Or Price: 119,- Euro

SSI Beach Lifeguard

The SSI Beach Lifeguard Program provides students with the knowledge and training needed to monitor, support and rescue in the sea if the conditions correspond to their training.

Our Price : 119,- Euro