Octopus Garden dive academy

Octopus Garden Dive Academy – Scuba Diving training offered at the highest level in one of the best diving destinations in the world.

More than 30 years of experience in education and training aimed to kickstart, continue or improve your diving career.

Keen to experience your very first fin strokes underwater? Want to refresh and expand your knowledge after earning a few dives under your belt? Or are you a seasoned and experienced diver who wants to maximise on your potential? At our Diving Academy our experts individually look after your personal needs and requirements to ensure you leave with a qualification and an amazing experience that will last a lifetime.

Our classroom at the dive centre provides an excellent space for you to complete all the necessary theory as part of your training before heading out into the water. Another option is to use our digital SSI Teaching System – that enables you to learn anytime, anywhere. So you can prepare yourself from home and use your remaining valuable time for diving.

A reliable dive buddy is very important

Our familiar atmosphere and high standard will guarantee a stress-free education. Octopus Garden offers you a wide range of SSI courses.

In addition to the basic courses we offer versatile specialty courses. Depending on your previous experience and interests you can choose from a variety of courses such as navigation, nitrox diving, night diving, deep diving, etc.

No matter what you’re after, whether just starting out or advancing to higher levels, our professional diving instructors will guide you through every step.

Diving with us is the best way to learn to dive – because quality and care are a necessity!