Dive shop

Dive shop

At our dive shop you will find a wide range of diving products from leading brands such as Scubapro, Mares, Bare and Aqualung. You will find that many of our diving products are more reasonably priced than anywhere else.

Do you need a new mask, fins or a wet suit? Then you will definitely find something suitable at Octopus Garden. If you’re looking for a specific size or model but can’t find it in-shop, don’t worry, most likely we can get it for you ASAP.

We also offer a range of dive torches, logbooks, fin straps and other useful diving accessories. Have a flick through our trendy variety of catalogues to browse new products, where you can be sure to get expert advice from our Octopus Garden team.

Internet: Our free WIFI and computer services enable you to check your e-mail, or view and save your underwater photos! To ensure your conversation does not turn dry, drinks are always on offer to quench one’s thirst.
You could say we have a small Internet-Café!

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