SSI – Lifeguard

You want to take responsibility be part of a team that has excellent communication, problem solving and teamwork skills to save lives. Then a warm welcome to the SSI Lifeguard’s team.

Divers like you are also needed to make the right decision at the crucial moment.

Special training and attitudes are required to become SSI Lifeguard.

ssi lifeguard

In this course, our Lifeguard instructors will teach you knowledge and skills in the areas of communication, problem solving and teamwork to a high level in order to meet the requirements of an SSI Lifeguards.

In order to be able to fulfill our main tasks such as avoiding accidents and saving lives, we exercise with you everything you need for this course.

The SSI Lifeguard Course

  • Duration 2 – 5 days depending on the module
  • Theory through online training
  • Proof of a first aid course including AED & O2 treatment
  • special fitness & training sessions
  • various practical workshops
  • Digital SSI certification

The Lifeguard course is adapted to the respective needs, the price depends on the selected modules.

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