SSI React Right

SSI – React Right

Everyone who loves our sport knows that it also harbors dangers.
Be ready and a reliable diving buddy any time.

Only those who are prepared are able to react correctly and act accordingly in the event of diving emergencies.

Our experienced React Right instructors will teach you the necessary knowledge and practice to do the right thing at a crucial moment. SSI’s React Right Emergency Program consists of the following basic components.

Initial assessment, use of first aid and CPR, stabilization techniques and includes two optional components, oxygen administration in diving emergencies and basic knowledge of the AED / defibrillator.

After completing this program, course participants receive the SSI React Right certification, which is a prerequisite for a Diver Stress & Rescue course and all leader programs.

The SSI React Right Course:

  • duration 2 days
  • theorie classroom
  • spezial praxis workshop´s
  • digital SSI brevet

This course is also suitable for non-divers!

Our Price : 119,- Euro