SSI - Basic Freediving

SSI – Basic Freediver

The SSI Basic Freediver course offers you the knowledge and training required to practice freediving safely with a buddy in the pool / limited open water, down to a maximum depth of 5 meters.

After completing the program, you will receive the SSI Basic Freediving certification.

Our professional freediving instructors will accompany you on your new adventure for 1 day.

ssi freediving basic

The training for a basic freediver includes practical units aimed at relaxation and breathing techniques as well as a practical freediving session in the pool or limited open water with a maximum depth of 5 meters.

Theoretical preparation is provided by the digital SSI learning system.

After all that and a written examination you will receive your SSI Basic Freediving certificate from us.

Der SSI Basic Freediving Kurs:

  • duration 1 day
  • theorie with online training
  • special workshop
  • breath & relaxation exercises
  • limited open water max. 5 meters
  • digital SSI certification

Pre-booking is required for this program.

Our price : 159,- Euro