SSI - Advanced Adventurer

SSI – Avanced Adventurer

Come and continue your adventure!
Getting started with special courses is easy. Immediately after the Open Water Diver course you have the opportunity to continue your training with the SSI Advanced Adventurer.
If you can’t easily decide what your favourite specialties are, this program gives you the chance to get to know 5 specialties of your choice.
During the course of your studies, you get to go on one specialty dive per specialty, to get a better insight on what each one is about.

ssi tauchkurs advanced adventurer

This brings you a lot closer to your next goal, be it the Advanced Open Water Diver or even the Master Diver, without having to do training sections twice. Your taster specialty dives during this course also count towards the number of required dives in a proper Specialty course, so that later on all you need to do is complete the remaining dives and the specialised theory. Thanks to the convenient online training, no bulky diving manual is required.

So think carefully about your favourite specialties during this course at Octopus Garden and start them immediately after your Open Water Diver course in the quest for further education!

Here are a few examples: wreck diving, boat diving, deep diving, navigation, night diving

The SSI Advanced Adventurer

  • duration 3 days
  • theory online training
  • 5 open water dives
  • SSI digital certificate & logbook

For boat dives we charge 10, – € per dive.

Our Price : 289,- Euro